Bulletin No. 328 From July 1 to 8, 2024

We have the participation of:

Foro Penal –

The crime of noise pollution is the new legal wildcard used to repress opposing public demonstrations

Caleidoscopio Humano –

Caleidoscopio Humano documented 633 complaints of violations to DESCA in June

Transparencia Venezuela –

UN High Commissioner warns of continuing arbitrary detentions, forced disappearances and flaws in the Venezuelan justice system

Acceso a la Justicia –

Venezuela begins a new electoral campaign with no legal protection against incumbents’ advantage


UN High Commissioner reported escalating repression in Venezuela as the 28J election approaches

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Increased repression: UN warns about arrests and harassment of opposition members in Venezuela

Espacio Público –

Nicolás Maduro harasses and threatens journalists on TV


The reinstatement of human rights begins with DESCA

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