Bulletin No. 324 From June 3 to 10, 2024

We have the participation of:

Transparencia Venezuela –

The Supreme Court asks Spain to extradite a businessman accused of defrauding Bandes

Defiende Venezuela –

Five human rights violated in the arbitrary arrest of Rocío San Miguel

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

The government prohibits the presence of international observers: a serious democratic setback


Over 140 cases of persecution in the first quarter of 2024

Foro Penal –

Transferring prisoners to other prisons without prior notice is a serious violation of their human rights

Espacio Público –

Jorge Rodríguez ordered that a congressman be censored and sanctioned after speaking up in the National Assembly

Acción Solidaria –

Acción Solidaria was awarded the Triángulo 2024 Award for its outstanding work in the fight against HIV in Venezuela

Acceso a la Justicia –

The new Anti-Society Bill: a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Caleidoscopio Humano –

The crisis affecting public services in Venezuela deepens

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