Bulletin No. 314 From March 24 to 31, 2024

We have the participation of:

Transparencia Venezuela –

Prosecutor’s office official accused of corruption was removed from her position as a judge in 2017 following irregularities in 25 cases

Defiende Venezuela –

UN mission on Venezuela assures that there is a recurrence of patterns of HR violations


Serious right to water issues in Venezuela


NotiDesca, an informative space to expose violations of DESCA in Venezuela

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Obstacles by the CNE are an attack on democratic principles and the political rights of Venezuelans


In Venezuela, persecution of political figures is on the rise

Foro Penal –

The right to elect and to be elected is systematically violated in Venezuela

Espacio Público –

Nicolás Maduro attacked news agencies EFE, AFP and AP

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