Bulletin No. 276 From April 10 to 17, 2023

In this edition, nine organizations have come together to present issues of importance to the country. Transparency Venezuela addressed the recent request of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to protect trade unionists who protested against the instructive Onapre. CEPAZ presents the Cepaz Digital Femicide Observatory, which in 2022 recorded 37 femicides of girls in Venezuela. Human Kaleidoscope shows us the water crisis in the state of Mérida. PROVEA analyzes the causes of violations of the right to water in Venezuela. Defend Venezuela exposes the allegations of physical and psychological torture against a daughter of a lieutenant. A World Without a Gag explains how artivism can be a tool to denounce injustices in the Venezuelan context. Access to Justice informs us about the lack of progress in the investigations of the ICC Prosecutor’s Office by the Venezuelan State. Foro Penal emphasizes that the fight against corruption should not attack the rule of law. Finally, Solidarity Action highlights the situation of people with Parkinson’s in Venezuela who do not have protection.

The reports presented are important to understand the current situation in Venezuela and reflect on the challenges facing society.

We have the participation of:

Transparencia Venezuela –

The IACHR urges Venezuela to protect the labor unionists who protested against the salary instructive from the National Budget Office


Femicide Digital Observatory of Cepaz: 37 girls were femicide victims in Venezuela in 2022


Merida: A state with plenty of water sources, but with dry homes


The causes of the right to water violations in Venezuela

Defiende Venezuela –

Lieutenant Franklin Caldera’s father denounced physical and psychological tortures suffered by his son before the UNHRC

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Artivism: The safe way of denouncing injustices and raising your voice within Venezuelan context

Acceso a la Justicia –

The Venezuelan State still hasn’t persuaded the ICC Prosecutor’s Office by not showing any progress in its investigations

Foro Penal –

The “fight against corruption” can’t attack the Rule of Law

Acción Solidaria –

People with Parkinson’s Disease have no protection in Venezuela

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