Bulletin No. 275 From April 3 to 10, 2023

In this edition, we present a compilation of the latest news and events in the field of human rights in Venezuela, thanks to the reports of prominent civil society organizations such as PROVEA, Defiende Venezuela, Espacio Público, Kaleidoscopio Humano, Un Mundo Sin Mordaza, CEPAZ and Access to Justice.

Among the issues that we address in this edition, the decision of the IACHR to grant precautionary measures in favor of seven union leaders in Venezuela, the arrest of a citizen by Polianzoátegui officials for claiming failures in public services according to Espacio Público , the union of Latin American organizations in favor of trans people according to Human Kaleidoscope, the obstruction, criminalization and censorship of the work of the UN Fact Finding Mission according to A World Without Gag, the dimension of human mobility as a mirror of the crisis in Venezuela according to CEPAZ and, finally, the pronouncement of the Fact Finding Mission and OHCHR on the growing offensive against organized civil society in Venezuela according to Access to Justice.

We have the participation of the following organizations:


The dimension of human movement is a mirror of the Venezuelan crisis


Latin American organizations unite in favor of transgender people


News from The Hague

Defiende Venezuela –

IACHR grants cautionary measures in favor of seven union leaders

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Venezuelan State obstructs, criminalizes and censors the work of the UN FFM

Acceso a la Justicia –

The FFM and UN-HCHR took a stance on the growing offensive against organized civil society in Venezuela

Espacio Público

Officers from the State of Anzoategui Police detained woman for complaint on the lack of public services

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