Bulletin 271 de Crisis en Venezuela: From March 6 to 13, 2023

The Crisis in Venezuela Bulletin 271, covering the period from March 6th to 13th, 2023, highlights once again the dire situation the country is facing. NGOs continue to face harassment and intimidation in Venezuela, as reported by Foro Penal. On the other hand, the requirement of a sworn statement of assets from NGOs and their affiliates has been deemed unconstitutional by Access to Justice.

In this context, the political participation of women is essential for the construction of peace and the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, as emphasized by CEPAZ. Meanwhile, Transparencia Venezuela warns that the 2023 National Budget does not include effective measures to overcome the economic crisis. In the midst of this landscape, Caleidoscopio Humano asks: Can Venezuelan pensioners or retirees afford to buy their medicines and have a balanced diet?

PROVEA also emphasizes the importance of continuing to fight for human rights in Venezuela and asserts that the country has not made significant progress in terms of freedoms.

We have the participation of the following organizations:

Organizaciones del Boletín 271 de Crisis en Venezuela

Acceso a la Justicia –

The unconstitutional demand of a sworn affidavit of net assets from NGOs and related organizations

Foro Penal –

Harassments and intimidations against NGOs continue in Venezuela

Espacio Público

Pro-government Mayor threatened six journalists for covering denouncements


Women’s political participation is fundamental for building peace and restoring democracy in Venezuela

Transparencia Venezuela –

The 2023 National Budget doesn’t have a plan for overcoming the crisis


Can Venezuelan pensioners and retirees buy their medications and also have a balanced diet?


Venezuela isn’t straightened out nor are there any more liberties

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