Bulletin No. 233 – From May 23 to 30, 2022

We have the participation of:

Un Mundo sin

“Canta Sin Mordaza” [“Sing without a Gag”] Contest: a fight for human rights from the arts

Acción Solidaria –

Gender perspective would allow to guarantee health to all girls, adolescents and women


A greater female involvement in politics is necessary for rescuing and consolidating democracy in Venezuela


114 political prisoners have been over 3 years in pre-trial detention

Acceso a la

Followers of Hugo Chávez’s policies resort yet again to criminal justice for persecuting and silencing dissident voices


Inequality and the long-term effects of the Complex Humanitarian Emergency increase

Espacio Público –

Power failures in the State of Merida affect informative agenda of Fe y Alegria 105.9 FM radio station

Transparencia Venezuela –

Venezuela faces a new legal action for torture and arbitrary detention

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