Bulletin No. 229 – From april 25 to may 2, 2022

We have the participation of:

Comisión para los Derechos Humanos y la Ciudadanía –

First quarter of 2022 closed with 21 alleged executions in the State of Bolivar

Acción Solidaria –

Acción Solidaria educated 120 teenagers in integral sex education


62 perpetrated femicides in the first quarter of 2022


Murder case of Yanomami indigenous people in Parima B was presented before the UN Rapporteur


Venezuela requested the ICC to suspend the investigation initiated in November 2021


The government reluctantly attends tripartite dialogue

Acceso a la

Four cases that reveal that the failures of Venezuelan justice persist in spite of the “judicial revolution”

Transparencia Venezuela –

There’s no progress in guarantees for accessing information in Venezuela

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