Bulletin No. 219 – From February 14 to 21, 2022

We have the participation of:

Bloque Constitucional

The incarceration policy for all types of dissidents remains intact in Venezuela

Acción Solidaria –

TúTambiénPuedes: A campaign for donating medications you no longer need


New legislative reforms in Venezuela: A guarantee of justice for human rights violations victims?


Two elderly people were detained for protesting peacefully


Alex Saab started informing the DEA of his businesses in Venezuela in 2016

Acceso a la

The Supreme Court of Justice has an opportunity for improving the LGBTQI collective’s situation in the Military Justice Organic Code

Espacio Público –

Espacio Público revealed its report on the right to freedom of speech situation in Venezuela in 2021

Defiende Venezuela-

Oncological patient is detained without any medical attention and in a state of malnutrition


There won’t be a real recovery in Venezuela while human rights keep being threatened


26 people disappeared in mining territories of the State of Bolivar in 2021

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