Bulletin No. 215 – From 17 to January 24, 2022

We have the participation of:


74 victims of alleged extrajudicial executions during 2021 in the State of Bolivar

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza rejects the threats towards journalists in the Con el Mazo Dando TV program

Acción Solidaria –

The State doesn’t protect people with HIV before the COVID-19 pandemic


Cepaz recorded 17 persecution and criminalization cases in December 2021


The ICC Prosecutor will visit Venezuela again


Overprices for public safety equipment would be 350 million dollars

Acceso a la

Repeat of elections in Barinas: A process that can’t be assessed only by the result

Espacio Público –

Union leader Jean Mendoza is released from prison with cautionary measures

Defiende Venezuela-

The Coronavirus pandemic in Venezuela: a human rights approach


Venezuela is still under the ICC’s microscope

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