Bulletin No. 213 – From 3 to January 10, 2021

We have the participation of:


Potentially illicit deaths continue in the State of Bolivar at the hands of police officers and the military

Bloque Constitucional

Human rights violations in Venezuela kept rising in 2021

Acción Solidaria –

Support groups: A safe space for not remaining silent anymore


The challenges for reaching gender equality in political participation are still current in Venezuela


The Human rights situation in Venezuela in 2021 is discouraging


The Fernando Albán case: an impunity-flavored prison sentence

Acceso a la

“Sentence trumps vote” in Venezuela

Espacio Público –

The FundaRedes activists’ case was moved to trial after 13 deferred hearings

Defiende Venezuela-

Criminal process against FundaRedes activists is another example of human rights defense criminalization in Venezuela


Provea: Something stinks in the country’s mining areas

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