Bulletin No. 209 – From 15 to November 22, 2021

we have the participation of:

Acción Solidaria –

The Implication of living with high blood pressure or diabetes in Venezuela


Cepaz recorded 34 acts of persecution and criminalization in October

Bloque Constitucional –

It’s imperative to institutionalize the justice system in Venezuela as the only guarantee of the democratic system


Prisoner for an alleged attack against a refinery has been incarcerated for one year without a hearing


Corruption’s responsibility in ecocide


Pregnant women in Venezuela face a differentiated impact with the crisis

Acceso a la

Three reasons of the historic and transcendental decision of the ICC Prosecutor on Venezuela

Espacio Público –

We demand that the Office of the Ombudsman guarantees the access to public information

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Actions of the Venezuelan State violate the right to health of Captain Luis de la Sotta, a political prisoner of the regime

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