Bulletin No. 207 – From 1 to November 8, 2021

We have the participation of:

Acción Solidaria –

People with HIV in Venezuela depend on civil society for accessing antiretroviral treatments


The Principle of Complementarity and the Obligation of Cooperation are key for understanding the ICC Prosecutor’s visit to Venezuela


Initiation of investigations for crimes against humanity in Venezuela before the ICC is an acknowledgment to the constant work of victims and NGOs


ICC will seek to identify the people who are responsible for crimes against humanity in Venezuela


There’s fear of retaliations against human rights defenders after the ICC Prosecutor’s announcement on Venezuela


International Criminal Court opens investigation on Venezuela

Acceso a la

Venezuela ranks in last place in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index

Espacio Público –

Organic Code of Criminal Procedures reform benefits Luis Carlos Díaz: we demand the dismissal of the case

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

We celebrate the ICC Prosecutor’s Office initiation of the Venezuela I case investigation

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