Bulletin No. 197 – From 23 to August 30, 2021

We have the participation of:

Acción Solidaria –

Acción Solidaria recorded 1,436 cases of violations of the right to health in 2020


There was a femicide action every 24 hours in July in Venezuela

Bloque Constitucional –

Nonobservance of constitutional rights leads to death and destruction due to rains


Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights dismisses threats from Administrative Ruling 002-2021 against Venezuelan NGOs


The Supreme Court of Justice insists on reforming the Civil Code through judgments


Defiende Venezuela will analyze the advisory opinion of the IACtHR regarding the indefinite reelection as a human right in the Inter-American system


Venezuela and labor rights with gender perspective

Acceso a la

Venezuelan justice is losing the battle against gender violence

Espacio Público –

The website of the Qué pasa en Venezuela portal was attacked

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

150 freedom of speech and information violations in Venezuela in the first semester of 2021

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