Bulletin No. 160 – From 16 to 23 November, 2020

We have the participation of:

Bloque Constitucional –

The violation of the right to vote for judgments and acts contrary to the Constitution

Espacio Público –

The Office of the Prosecutor did not produce evidence against Pedro Jaimes


Three challenges for the year 2021

Foro Penal

Preliminary hearing of the Pemon Indigenous People was deferred once again almost one year after they were detained


The Dilo Aquí app is available for receiving complaints of corruption with the humanitarian aid


The international community is fundamental in rebuilding democracy in Venezuela


University workers beseech new salary schedules


Menstrual poverty as a gender gap

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza publishes biannual report of Freedom of Speech 2020

Acceso a la

«Anti-blockade Act» of the null and void National Constituent Assembly

Defiende Venezuela

The native people of Venezuela are still in oblivion

Comisión para los Derechos Humanos y la Ciudadanía

Young man has disappeared for 5 years in the State of Bolivar by the hands of state officials


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