Bulletin No. 159 – From 9 to 16 November, 2020

We have the participation of:

Bloque Constitucional –

Lack of attention and support to human rightsof those affected by floods

Espacio Público –

The National Bolivarian Intelligence Service raids againthe offices of the Venepress digital portal


The Government of Maduro refuses to comply with the conventionsof the International Labor Organization

Foro Penal

52 political prisoners in Venezuela haveunattended delicate health situations


More than 14 corruption mechanisms are evidencedin the Venezuelan health system


Gender equality in Venezuela is a historic debt


Migration of Venezuelan women

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

the NGO Un Mundo Sin Mordaza nominated for the Carlos Cruz-Diez award

Acceso a la

Roland Carreño: yet another case of political persecution in Venezuela

Defiende Venezuela

Defiende Venezuela files a document before the Constitutional Courtof Colombia in favor of the decriminalization of abortion


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