Bulletin No. 157 – From October 26 to November 2, 2020

We have the participation of:

Acceso a la

Parliamentary Elections of December 6th are an Example of what an Election shouldn’t be


Sisterhood Weavers: A Community Space to Promote
Culture of Peace and Non-Violence


Tuberculosis, COVID-19 and malnutrition: a dangerous formula
attacking those imprisoned in Venezuela

Foro Penal

Political prisoner Emirlendris Benítez is in critical state of health


Venezuelan Universities and the Economic Genocide in the 21st Century


Legal strategies for recovering Venezuelan assets
product of corruption

Bloque Constitucional –

The December 6th “elections” summons is a violation of the Venezuelans’ right to choose

Comisión para los Derechos Humanos y la Ciudadanía –

Violations of the right to life continue in the State of Bolivar

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza –

Un Mundo Sin Mordaza publishes Report about the impact
of COVID-19 in Venezuelan migration


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