Bulletin No. 152 – From 21 to September 28, 2020

We have the participation of:

Acceso a la

FFM Report: lese humanity crimes by their full names


Cooperation and international justice


Venezuelan natives: still unprotected

Espacio Pú

Puerto Cabello’s Mayor harassed and threatened
with suing journalists in Carabobo

Foro Penal

FFM’s Report will be an important element
to be considered in ICC’s preliminary exam

Differences between reports by HCUNHR and FFM


Chavism Inc.: an investigation to prove the
Bolivarian capitalist machinery around the world

Defiende Venezuela

Defiende Venezuela and Coalición por los Derechos Humanos
join efforts in favor of political prisoner victim of torture

Bloque Constitucional

FFM Report is a reflection of the crushing reality venezuelans live in


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