Bulletin No. 150 – From 7 September 14, 2020



While most countries worldwide are fighting Covid-19 and facing an uncertain future, due to the consequential effects of the pandemic; in Venezuela, we keep on being worried for the present, when we suffer, not only the pandemic ravages, but also the worsening of a scenario of major vulnerability, since systematic and deliberate violations of Human Rights increase in our country.

Therefore, the impact of Covid-19 in Venezuela must be analyzed not merely from the point of view of a precarious health system and deteriorated conditions of life, within the framework of a Complex Humanitarian Emergency; in addition, it is necessary, considering the perspective of suppressive actions that the regime has extended and intensified, taking advantage of the sanitary crisis. In Venezuela, State and military repression against manifestants have got more frequent and sharper, particularly counter journalists, HHRR defenders, and social activists. The rights of returning Venezuelan migrants have been disrespected, either by denying their entrance or by submitting them to vexations in quarantine centers, where they are obliged to stay -even if their viral detection test result negative. Apart from all that, judicial process delay increase, as well as opacity, misinformation, and corruption; among other facts that gravely imply danger to Human Rights in our country.

In this special edition for the third anniversary of our weekly bulletin, we wish to honor and recognize once more the valuable and tireless work of the Venezuelan civil society’s organizations, who are examples of constancy and resilience in defending, denouncing, and promoting Human Rights, in and out our country; an arduous work that has received the response of specialized organs of protection of HHRR, like the Independent Mission for Determining Facts for Venezuela, established by the United Nations General Assembly and the Special Mission of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

We, Crisis in Venezuela, express our gratitude for the participation of 11 organizations that weekly report facts, to prove how vulnerable our population and how damaged our institutionality actually are. Thanks to each one of these NGOs that trust us and our commitment of reporting and following up promotion and defense of Human Rights in Venezuela.

We have the participation of:

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